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The doctors at Medicine on Blackwood each work for themselves as tenant doctors and set their own fees. They are private billing doctors, endeavouring to keep their fees affordable to ensure all patients have access to essential healthcare. The doctors  are supported in their individual practices by the team at Medicine on Blackwood.

The doctors accept EFTPOS, credit cards and cash for your convenience. Patients will receive a rebate from Medicare for privately billed consultations. Surcharges apply to all credit, debit and Eftpos payments.

We use Tyro which is a quick, secure and convenient way to claim your rebate on the spot.

From 1st January 2023 bulk billing will only be available to:

  • DVA Gold Card holders.
  • DVA White card holders for specific conditions.
  • Childhood immunisations.
  • GP Management care plans and yearly health assessments, aimed to improve and manage a chronic health condition. A care plan is a specific type of appointment only available to patients with certain chronic health conditions and it can only be reviewed every 3 months.

A reduced fee is offered to children 15 years old and under, full-time students under the age of 25 and Commonwealth Concession Card holders. Commonwealth Concession cards include: Aged pension card, Senior card, Health Care card and Disability Pension card.

All new patients booking an initial appointment with Dr Peter Striegl regardless from holding a Commonwealth Concession card will incur an initial fee of $ 145.00 with a $ 76.95 Medicare rebate and a $ 68.05 out-of-pocket. Children 15 years old and under will incur a reduced fee.

Dr Kathy Williams is available for paediatric behavioural and development assessments. This type of appointment will be booked for 45-60 minutes and will incur a private fee of $ 221.00 with a Medicare rebate of $ 191.20 and an out of pocket of $ 29.80.

All consultations are required to be paid in full on the day of the appointment and the Medicare rebate will be processed immediately.

Existing patients may request a repeat script or repeat referral online or via the phone.

The request will be forwarded to their regular GP for approval and there may be a 48 business hour wait. Please note the issuing of the repeat script or referral will be entirely under the discretion of the practitioner and they may request an appointment if a review is needed before providing a script or referral.

This service is only available to current existing patients of the practice and the fee is $ 20.00 and there is no Medicare rebate.

Please note this service is only available for repeat scripts or repeat referrals, and not for new scripts or new referrals and not for medications deemed addictive such as sleeping tablets, benzodiazepines, opiates or narcotics.

Please note that GPs can not backdate referrals to specialists as it is illegal under Medicare legislation. Please note that any referrals to psychologists or allied health professionals under a Mental Health Care Plan or an EPC Care Plan will require a face to face appointment.

Credit cards details are required during the request process however payment will only be effected on issued scripts and referrals.

Below are our standard fees for both face-to-face and telehealth consultations:

Monday – Friday
Practice Fee 

Concessional reduced fee for:
Patients 15yo and under
Full time students aged 16 to 25
Commonwealth Pension card,
Health Care card
and Disability Pension card holders


Senior Card Holders
Medicare Rebate Actual cost
to patient

Standard consultation 

$ 95.00$ 72.00$ 75.00$ 42.85$ 52.15 / $ 29.15 / $ 32.15

Long consultation

$160.00$114.00$140.00$ 82.90$ 77.10 / $ 31.10 / $ 57.10

Extended consultation 

$215.00$155.00$195.00$122.15$ 92.85 / $ 32.85 / $ 72.85
Standard consultation$105.00$ 78.00$ 85.00$ 42.85

$ 62.15 / $ 35.15 / $ 42.15

Long consultation

$170.00$120.00$150.00$ 82.90$ 87.10 / $ 37.10 / $ 67.10

Extended consultation 

$225.00$161.00$205.00$122.15$ 102.85 / $ 38.85 / $ 82.85

If patients need to see a doctor or get tests regularly, they could end up with high medical costs. Medicare Safety Nets can help to lower the out-of-pocket costs. When patients spend certain amounts in gap and out of pocket costs, they will reach the thresholds, which means they will start getting higher Medicare benefits and more money back for certain services.

Patients enrolled in Medicare are eligible for Medicare Safety Nets and if they are part of a family or couple they can combine the costs by registering as a family.

Please visit the Medicare website to find out more: Medicare Safety Nets – Services Australia

We understand sometimes changes need to be made to appointments, however any cancellations or changes to any face-to-face and telehealth appointments made within three hours of a scheduled appointment will incur a $ 20.00 fee which will be required to be paid prior to be able to make any further appointments.

A $ 20.00 fee will also apply if a patient fails to attend an appointment without notifying the practice.